Presidential nominations to the Supreme Court have never been as partisan as they are today. This interactive for The New York Times accompanied an article in the Sunday Review by Adam Liptak that detailed how presidents have, more and more, only nominated those judges that vote exclusively with their party's interests.
My first assignment for The New York Times was a map for the Food section that helped readers find quality coffee near them. It was built using LeafletJS, d3, and of course, jQuery.

Mean Streets

This interactive map, made for the web magazine BKLYNR, uses publicly available accident data to track Brooklyn's most dangerous intersections for cyclists.

Does Congress Really Suck?

I worked on this project during Bicoastal Datafest 2013 at Columbia University. There, it won the award for "Best in Insight."
While at Columbia University, I served as Online Editor for the Columbia Daily Spectator. There, I re-designed the Web site and helped found and design the newspaper's student life blog, Spectrum.

Preparing for Impact

In 2011, Tad Friend wrote for The New Yorker about the potential implications of an asteroid colliding with Earth. I animated a feature that accompanied his story on

When Harold Met Erica

A video I put together with the help of David Brooks to accompany his piece on the dynamics of everyday interactions for The New Yorker.
I initially made this video to promote my religious organization's summer youth program. It utilizes the particle physics engine built into Adobe After Effects to simulate gravity driven movement of images affected by custom speed and weight specifications.